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About Us

Alice Simba, a wife and a mother of three, transformed her love of baking into a business. It all started as a hobby in the midst of work and college. A wooden spoon, plastic basin and a "jiko", together with her deep desire for baking was all she needed to generate a big cake which she sold to her colleagues at her office for 50/=. Passionate about baking, using fine ingredients and traditional homemade recipes, Alice Simba gets excited watching her clients indulge in a cake slice eyes closed as they chew and release an exclamation!

Black Forest House is a bakery specializing in fresh, quality cakes and pastries at reasonable prices. I come from a small community on the coast of Kenya where cooking and baking is a huge part of life. When I moved to Nairobi, I couldn’t find a cake that seemed fresh and homemade, so I decided to turn my passion for baking into a business. At Black Forest House, we are known for the uniqueness and large variety of our cakes – from forest cakes with fresh whipping cream and fruit to chocolate fudge cakes and banana cakes – and the creativity and customization that goes into them. Most importantly, we never compromise on quality; our cakes will always taste like home.